Monday, September 15, 2008

"A Child Is Born" by Barbra Streisand

Due to my interest of learning about my past and bringing it to life now, I thought I would make it fun by telling it through lyrics taken from my era. Also, I thought it would be even better to bring you along to join in the fun as well!! In doing so, please share - this is just another way to learn about each other and become closer as children of the 70's!! How would you sum up your childhood years or pick a favorite and share - go ahead, I dare ya!!!

ME, I'm a person who likes to start from the beginning, so I'd like to start with the year I was born. I matched it up with Barbar Streisand's - "A Child Is Born". I felt it was most fitting to what my parents were feeling at the time of my birth. I followed two son's, which my mother was extremely excited to find she had finally given birth to a baby girl!! My mother grew up playing with baby dolls (favorite one was named, Christine) and since then had dreamed of having a baby girl to name, what else but, Christine!

A Child Is Born
A child is born
We've suddenly stepped through
A thousand dolls
A child is born
Her chin is like mine
But her eyes are yours
How perfectly formed are her fingers
So far reach, so much to know
What words will be formed by her fingers
We'll hold her close
Then let her go
How sweet to find
A part of ourselves
We knew nothing of
A child is born
A child that is born of our love

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