Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Christine Smith Story (written by a colleague back in 2002)

The Christine Smith Story...
"I knew she was a cheerleader the first time I saw her. Energy radiated from her almost as much as her youthful beauty. Getting the entire Covington Middle School staff to cheer the school song was a challenge, and I waited to see if she was up for it.

A few weeks later she was sitting at my desk and I quickly realized that she was much more than a pretty cheerleader. Christine Smith was a fighter. Not the type that most would imagine with red trunks and bulky gloves, but the type that survives. That lives through misery and then rises above it. The type that can conquer just about anything.

Christine is a challenge to anyone who has suffered pain and been defeated by it. She says, ‘I wanted to rise above it and have a better life.' And she has done this by being positive, nurturing her spiritual side and learning through other's mistakes. She strives to take care of herself by exercising and staying in shape.

Christine's hard work and great attitude have allowed her to create a fulfilling life for herself. She is happily married and a mother to three children ages 8, 10, and 12. Finding a balance in her life is a struggle, as she wants to encourage and support all the people in her life. She picks her battles with the people she loves so that the time she spends with them is quality, stays very organized, and finds special ways to let her family and friends know she cares.

I would never have guessed that Christine is a paraeducator, coach, wife, and mother of three when I first saw her. Her attitude has kept her looking very young and she radiates self-confidence and happiness. Even more surprising was the strength this woman has shown by overcoming personal tragedy to be the ‘class act' she is today!"

Thank you so much Melinda for listening and putting it all into words~

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