Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Writing from the soul...

Over the past several years I've wanted to begin writing about my past in hopes that I could get "my story" out so it might be of help to someone else who may be struggling with the same events I encountered growing up, especially the younger generation. When I picked up a book titled..."Writing for the Soul" I knew it was time to start.

"In Writing for the Soul, best-selling author Jerry B. Jenkins takes you on a personal and inspiring journey, imparting experience and wisdom gained from his impressive writing career. Unknown in his early days, Jenkins persisted in his passion to write, and his story reveals the rewards that can come to writers who put in the hard work and keep their priorities straight. Jenkins shares the honest and straightforward truth about how to find writing success and why the journey is a continuous one."

I'll be sharing bits and pieces of my childhood that will reflect the more painful side only because these are the experiences that I feel are most important to the audience I'm wanting to direct. I'm a person who tends to be optimistic and look at the "brighter" side of things. I feel in order for me to bring closure and positive significance to the unfortunate and tragic events that happened early on in my life, I need to reach out to those who are young and make them aware of just how vulnerable they are to society and even more, to those closest to them.

My tragic journey of unfortunate events begins at an early age, somewhere around the age of 6. The image of me crammed between the side of my twin bed and wall have forever left their mark imbedded in a memory I can't shake. I mentioned earlier that I will be sharing "bits and pieces", (I mean this literally) due to the many years of blocking out years of abuse (verbal and sexual). I've learned this, among many other pieces to the unfolding of my character and emotional scaring, through therapy and counseling. The severity of the abuse took a heavy toll on my memory some ways I would like to think of it as a blessing in disguise, but then again, it would make telling my story all the more easier. However, I'm going to do the best that I can to support the details of this unfortunate and emotional journey through time.

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